Fiji A Place Called Home

From Rod Ewins, Just Pacific…

In November 2014 Daryl Tarte published his latest book, Fiji, a place called home (220 pages). Strangely, to my mind, it is just text with no photos at all. Better news, however, is that you can download the full PDF text, free, from ANU books, the publishers. Click here —> <>. If you then want a print-on-demand copy, you can order it from ANU Press.

Most people from Fiji will know who Daryl is, but the blurb on the cover reads as follows:

“Few people have been in the unique position of being able to observe and record the dramatic changes that have taken place in the islands of Fiji over the past 80 years than fourth-generation citizen, Daryl Tarte.

He writes emotively, in great detail, about his personal experience of growing up on a remote island during the colonial era, when races were segregated, and white people lived an elite existence.

Following independence, he has been personally involved with many of the key economic, political and social activities that have evolved and enabled the nation to progress during the 20th century. These include the sugar industry, tourism, commerce and industry, religion, the media, women and of course, the coups.

His observations into the complexities of leadership in these areas of national development are fascinating and perceptive. Much of the story is told through the eyes of the many people of all races with whom he has interacted.

Fiji is made up of over 300 unique islands. Tarte has been to many of them, and in a final chapter he gives an insightful commentary of how different they all are.”

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