Reminiscing we have come a long way

The history and the good old days back in the Fiji Islands – By Neil Billings


  1. Eric Beddows` says

    Thank you so much. Was lovely to watch and listen. I sent a lot of photos to the Fiji Times about two years ago as they were going to do a special spread on old Fiji. Every time that I contacted them about the spread they said that they couldn’t find the photos. There were a couple of shots in this that looked like mine so did you get any photos from the Fiji Times to make this. I would love to think that the photos are still around and not lost.

  2. Diana Durand says

    I am looking to find a wonderful lady who was among others a great help to United States Forces in Suva. This was back in 1968—-. The one ladies name that stood out was Emily Pickering. I am trying to locate her and hopefully others. Can anyone help me in my search. Memories on some are getting “fuzzy” so I am limited.

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