Yaqona and Fiji are synonymous

Yaqona in Fiji is cultural. When I think of yaqona (pronounced Yangona) or kava,  I think of Fiji - the traditions that surround the yaqona ceremony and your welcome to Fiji, the refreshing drink that used to be available in all the places where I worked in Fiji, the singing around the kava bowl … [Read more...]

Fiji Map

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Fiji – Outpost of Empire

I'm Proud to be Fijian - Wonderful video of how it was in Fiji in the 1940s. Wonderful Video from 1940s Fiji. Great awesome watch see how our grandfathers and Great Grandfathers lived in those Simple times. I had no idea how Rewa sugar mill operated. Share with Fijian who would appreciate this … [Read more...]

Fiji The South Pacific

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Fiji’s Underground World

Rod Ewins recalls...  I didn’t know anything about the subterranean complex in Suva, but it makes sense. What I DID know was that the Fiji Museum moved a lot of its stuff into subterranean storage during the war scare and as a result, because of the wetness in the Suva area, most of the fibre … [Read more...]

SGS Reunion 2015 Mowtown Night

Ex-Grammarian and Maestro Bill Heritage Snr with a Kiwi friend Mark (lead guitarist) singing a couple of Mowtown songs in his home studio. Vinaka, Bill. Ex-Grammarians Gus Raddock & Mike Gosling Duet Rehearsal Recorded in Adelaide Thursday March 26, 2015 … [Read more...]

Fiji A Place Called Home

From Rod Ewins, Just Pacific... In November 2014 Daryl Tarte published his latest book, Fiji, a place called home (220 pages). Strangely, to my mind, it is just text with no photos at all. Better news, however, is that you can download the full PDF text, free, from ANU books, the publishers. … [Read more...]

18 Reasons To Love Fiji

Bula Fiji Is there something in the whole world that was the best thing you ever did in your life, but you had to give it up? For Joe Walsh of The Eagles it was giving up alcohol. For others it's giving up sugar. For me it's giving up Fiji. Each time I visit I feel that wrench away from something I … [Read more...]

FIJI: Chief justice blames cultural misconception over brutality concerns

By Sally Round of Radio New Zealand International, WELLINGTON. Senior judicial figures from Fiji have told a United Nations gathering in Switzerland the country is addressing concerns about police brutality. Senior judicial figures from Fiji have told a United Nations gathering in Switzerland … [Read more...]

Explore Fiji

An Award-Winning Fiji Tourism Magazine Explore Fiji Online Magazine THE World is a Book (magazine), and those who do not travel, read only a page. ~ Saint Augustine. I recently came across this stunning popular online magazine, Explore Fiji, featuring so many ways to explore Fiji. The goal of the … [Read more...]