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Travel with the best
Tui Tai is the only Fiji vacation package provider in the South Pacific featured in National Geographic’s annual “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” survey.

Travel across the seas in the comfort of home
After five nights with us, we’re sure you’ll agree our services are second-to-none. Tui Tai offers the ultimate Fiji dining experience with a gourmet menu prepared fresh daily in our outdoor kitchen, mealtime excursions to dine on deserted beaches or in lush rainforests, full bar, housekeeping and laundry, professional spa treatments and yoga sessions under the clear blue South Pacific skies– it’s all here for your enjoyment.

Experience local culture firsthand
We provide our guests unprecedented access to three distinct societies in the Pacific Cultural Triangle of islands, affording a glimpse into the historically rich stories and daily lives of the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian cultures.

Tui Tai offers a truly unique Fiji adventure package. Rather than simply being escorted along as a typical tourist would, you’ll be part of an ongoing mission to improve the lives of locals, affording you a unique opportunity to experience the real Fiji and her people.

Tui Tai Expedition Cruises

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