SGS Reunion 2015 Mowtown Night

Ex-Grammarian and Maestro Bill Heritage Snr with a Kiwi friend Mark (lead guitarist) singing a couple of Mowtown songs in his home studio. Vinaka, Bill.

Ex-Grammarians Gus Raddock & Mike Gosling Duet Rehearsal Recorded in Adelaide Thursday March 26, 2015


  1. Bernadette Pyster Lowry says:

    Isa I’m trying to come….???? last minute thing but if this is the calibre of the sere sere that’s gonna go down, the Motown night will be a hit. My only critique would be is that I think it needs a bit more RUM!! and hey it’s only a rehearsal for Gus and Michael. I like the different eras of the music. Vinaka boys, love the voices.

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