SGS Reunion 2015 Mowtown Night

Ex-Grammarian and Maestro Bill Heritage Snr with a Kiwi friend Mark (lead guitarist) singing a couple of Mowtown songs in his home studio. Vinaka, Bill.

Ex-Grammarians Gus Raddock & Mike Gosling Duet Rehearsal Recorded in Adelaide Thursday March 26, 2015


  1. Bernadette Pyster Lowry says

    Isa I’m trying to come….???? last minute thing but if this is the calibre of the sere sere that’s gonna go down, the Motown night will be a hit. My only critique would be is that I think it needs a bit more RUM!! and hey it’s only a rehearsal for Gus and Michael. I like the different eras of the music. Vinaka boys, love the voices.

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